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"We have been blessed on several occasions with the singing and ministry of the Craig Family. They are truly a family in every sense of the word. Their music is Christ-honoring and their testimony is Christ-exalting. They will not disappoint you."


Pastor Jon Freeman

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Salem, WV


"The Craig Family combines musical excellence and professionalism with an attitude of ministry - a rare combination. Their spirit is authentic and genuine and their music is trustworthy. They have become a part of our family at Norwalk Baptist Church, and have never failed to bring a sweet spirit to any meeting they have shared with us!"


Pastor Joel Capizzi

Norwalk Baptist Church

Norwalk, OH



"Whether I hear the Craigs CD or listen to them live I am never entertained, but I'm always ministered to. That's why we have them at our church. They minister to the heart and soul of the hearers."


Pastor Scott Hall

Fellowship Baptist Church

Idamay, WV



" I am honored and happy to recommend the Craig Family for ministry in your church. They have been with me in several meetings, and have done a tremendous job in singing, and setting and atmosphere of worship and revival. God's hand is on this family and their ministry. You, and your church, will be greatly blessed."


Evangelist Sam Robinson

St. Louis, MO



"It was such a delight to have the Craig Family come and minister at our church! Talented, personable, Godly and enjoyable!"


Pastor Larry Hof

Faith Baptist Church

Greenfield, IN


Welcome to our site!

    We are a helps ministry to local churches providing teaching, training, singing and preaching! Everything on this site is designed to be a help and blessing to those who visit. So take a look around at what we have available from Music Clinic options to the resources available. If we can be a help to your ministry, please contact us!

Look what's here!!!

    Our newest album is now available. It can be ordered online through our BUY US page. We are very excited to offer this item as there was much uncertainty about Danelle voice this past year with the surgery an all; but she has made a beautiful recovery and was able to record with us again!
     Our oldest daughter Kyah has surrendered to be a missionary. Its good to see God working in the lives of our kids! She needs to raise $4,000.00 so she can be part of this missions trip. We feel this is a very important step in prepping her for the work God is calling her to do. Donations can be sent by clicking the DONATE button below or by mail at PO Box 80621 Canton, OH 44708

Help the Craig Family get on the road full-time!

     As you can see, Tim is very excited! To the left is a video tour of the trailer and some more video of kids reactions both to the arrival and exploration of their new home.

     We are so thankful for God blessing us with this new space and are very grateful to all who have been a part in seeing this stage through to the end through prayers and in giving. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.

     This is but stage 1 of a 2-part plan for completely outfitting our family for life on the road. This trailer will be too small to fit the whole family on a long-term basis. Due to the size of our family we will have to drive 2 vehicles either to fit everyone into a vehicle other than a truck to pull a fifth-wheel or to have the space we need in 1 unit. We chose to drive living space.

     We are still on the lookout for a motorcoach that we can use within a reasonable price range to complete our living arrangements. Going this route will also be the most cost effective as we will pay about 1/3 of what we would have to get what we would need to properly fit the whole family plus a vehicle to drive.

     Thanks again for your help we are almost there. We would like to pay off the remaining $9,000.00 on the trailer by the end of January as two vehicle payments would be a hardship for us. We appreciate your help and continued prayers for this need in our life and for our ministry.

Donate to the Craig Family ministry.